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Saturday, 15 April 2017


Photo from Poseidon's website.


My photo from the water on the hired Lumix Camera.

If you read my blogs on Cairns & Port Douglas tour options (if you can be asked 😜) you would have noticed I have written about the Great Barrier Reef boat Poseidon already. Yup... this was my second time with this boat (which is part of the Quicksilver Group). What amazing day ahead!
Amazing conditions!

So why on earth and I writing about it again? It is such an amazing day out on the reef I just had to tell you all about it and highlight why I feel it stands out from the rest.

There is the right day out on the Great Barrier Reef for everyone and the style of day that Poseidon offers is right up my alley. This type of day trip does not suit a non-swimmer, for example. You might have a lovely boat ride and get some sun but you won't really see anything if you don't get in the water. There are other options (like an activity platform) that have other ways to see the reef suitable for the needs of a variety of people.

Poseidon, like her sister boats Silversonic (Port Douglas) and Silverswift (Cairns) are some of the very few boats that visit 3 different reef sites in one day (most visit 1-2 sites). Poseidon leaves from Port Douglas Marina so you either take the scenic drive from Cairns yourself or book transfers. If you are staying in Port you can get a free transfer to the Marina.

Poseidon visits guaranteed Outer Reef sites on the edge of the Continental shelf. Here are some excellent snorkel and dive sites for those who love the water and are happy to jump in and give it a go.

So what do I REALLY like about this vessel? Here is my TOP 10 on Poseidon's best.

1) The boat layout and organisation!!!! Numero Uno! Everybody has their own area, snorkelers up top and divers down below. On arrival to the site the snorkelers have their own site briefing up on the top deck while down below, all the divers are getting in the water from the dive deck. All without getting in each others way! Boats can be very congested on their dive decks, this is an exception. This doesn't mean divers can't come up to the sun deck and catch some rays! This arrangement is also great when getting out of the water as the top deck is a "wet" area so you don't have to get out of your lycra/wetsuits on the dive deck on top of each other. 
There is also no lunch line as snorkelers eat first at the second site while the divers get away, then they eat after their dive. Woolah! No queue!
Introduction Dive briefings
 Dive Deck
 Easy entry
 Sun deck Marine Talk

2) Fast travel time of 90 minutes.

3) Less boats depart from Port Douglas so check in is fast and easy peezy.

4) The sites... Agincourt & Ribbon Reefs have a huge ensemble of coral species of all colours of the rainbow. Your almost guaranteed to see something cool like a Black Tip Reef shark and Clown Fish (for example) and a variety of fish species. On this trip I had never seen so many schools of fish... it was epic!!!!
Schools of fish everywhere!
 Hump Head Parrot Fish.
 Nemos cousin.
Clown Fish. 

5) Less people crashing into you while snorkeling 😉 Lower passenger numbers.

6) The staff!!!! The whole vibe of the boat is relaxed and chilled. This is not a cattle call people, the boat doesn't even have a PA system so the staff all become your friends as well as the other passengers.

7) In-depth snorkel briefings at each site and included guided snorkel. The staff really inform you well on what there is to see and where, enhancing your experience. 
Great Snorkel briefings.

8) As a snorkeler you feel just as valued and respected as a diver. Sometimes you can feel a little second class, not on this vessel!

9) Swim time! Loads of time to explore and check out the whole site. The divers cal also get a snorkel in at each site.

10) The food. Yummo...nuff said.

I think that about sums it up! If you are a Certified Diver, please please please consider Poseidon! If you want to learn to dive for the first time on a Introduction Dive you will definitely see loads! And as a snorkeler... like me you feel just as important as the divers and see plenty from the surface and duck diving.

Thanks again to Quicksilver and the Poseidon crew for having me. I'll be back out again with no hesitation! Check out the link to my Youtube video >>>

Love the sound of this Reef trip? You can book with the Reef Information Centre in Cairns on http://www.reefinfo.com.au/or visit the shop, 1/34 The Esplanade, Cairns.

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