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Friday, 17 April 2015


Myself & Britt in Krakow on our travels

I was going to write about something really really stupid I did while travelling that no woman on this planet should ever do and how lucky I was that I wasn't seriously injured or hurt in any way.

Instead, I want to post about how I feel today about the Victorian Investigation into Britt's death that is now officially closed. The former post can wait.

These are my opinions and feelings, nothing more. Like the rest of the world I do not know how she died and perhaps we will never know. I still live in hope someone will open up in the future as time passes by. I just feel like a bit of a vent.

I could have told anyone Britt didn't kill herself. She was the most intelligent, bubbly, outgoing, smiley and generally all warm and fuzzy all over that it wouldn't be possible for her to do so. She had such a positive view on life and such an epic future ahead of her.

We instantly clicked at that Prague train station in 2008 ahead of our time together. She has the same sunny outlook as me. We shared so many laughs in our time and not once was she grumpy or upset.... NOT ONCE! I can't wait to share some of those moments with you in my blog... over time.

I feel like the outcome of the inquest is stating the obvious and if anyone is getting grumpy and upset (and frustrated) it's me. I cannot fathom how her family is feeling right now, nothing compares. Torture is one good word to explain it :( I admire the Lapthornes so much... they are so strong.

Foul play, hands down. Someone (or some people... wait... people may be too good a word for them! more like animals?) did something horrible to her. It irritates me that these people walk free and can do this again to someone else.

I don't think I can write any more today, I think I will wallow in this sinking feeling. Take away with you what you can about this all but it still brings forward my new mantra...


The weekend is here, if you're heading out on the town tonight... have your mates back. Don't let them wander off alone or accept a drink from a stranger. Have safe fun together! Taxi home together!

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