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Thursday, 23 April 2015

MATESHIP #travelsafewithyourmates

The Boy in the striped pajamas. Photo from Youtube

I have been off work ill today, The movie THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS was on TV.

I found myself bawling at the end. Correct that... howling with tears streaming down my face and my body in a contorted state! Yes... I had a cold already and my mood and overall feel was extremely low... but as my intern had said to me in a text whilst I was mid movie and she was at my workplace... this movie will "fit the mood".

I have long had this "connection" (as best to describe it) with war time, mostly the second world war. When I travel I often visit war memorials and museums and points of interest in relation to that in each town/city that I visit. I collect antiques and am interested in war stories from people older than me, like my grandparents. I visited Auschwitz & Birkenau with Britt Lapthorne. We experienced an amazing time together and going there was my idea... she happily came (the awesome chick that she was!). It wasn't a happy place at all.. this wasn't Disney World. We did go... it's hard to describe why... but all I can say is... "I needed to see this".

 Pictures of Auschwitz from Tara Reynolds.

Britt came with me on many a journey. There are many tales to tell. We were both intrigued together about the history of mankind. We made the journey to Auschwitz together and it wasn't a "fun" day at all. It was so confusing in how we felt,  it was emotional, we both cried throughout the day. I will share my thoughts on that day down the track, in later blogs.

I cried again today watching the movie about THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS.

This weekend is ANZAC day. I have always felt this a special day to honor not only those who served and fought in Turkey in the horrible circumstances, when our Aussie & Kiwi boys were "dropped off" at the wrong spot to attack the Turks to help with the fight to protect the Dardanelles shipping channel. Now it represents so more more,  it's Australian and Kiwi Spirit.

Pictures from Gallipoli from Tara Reynolds 

I went to Gallipoli in April 2009. I made the pilgrimage like so many Aussies & Kiwi's do.  It was a full on event from start to finish, it was tiring staying up all night and the organisers of the tour company I went with weren't that great. But that didn't matter in the end... I got there... I paid my respects. I owe it to the boys... to the ladies.... to them all for all they did back then. They set up our way of life and what we have today and I firmly believe that.

Pictures from Gallipoli from Tara Reynolds 

It was a draining experience altogether. It was staying up all night in the freezing cold with multiple layers on, leggings, beanie, jumper, sleeping bag and eating warming soups in a cup and sipping on crap coffee and tea......

Why do I write this? It's because I feel guilty for thinking those thoughts in the first place.

Why do I whinge? Well... Whilst there, freezing cold as we were we all realized, our soldiers at the time did endure far worse, we all know that. Rotting feet, freezing torsos... numb all over in body and mind, missing home. Mud, cold, wind, rain, snow... and then the enemy. The people you must kill otherwise life as we know it won't survive. Because your country told you to, for the survival of the country and the continuation of the infrastucture that survives and faith in your leader to keep it all going.

No, I couldn't imagine it, they were amazing people, it was an amazing time. They did what they had to do to fight for their way of life and their country.

We have just had some amazing storms in Sydney, the worst in a decade. I have fallen sick at this same time and I feel so bad because so many people are having so many troubles... still, at this moment, there are some flood waters still effecting areas north of Sydney and people are still without power. The rivers are slowly dropping and the clean up begins. the amazing SES and other services are out there helping to restore power, cut trees that have fallen on homes and ferry people in small boats, bascially doing all they can. There are people selflessly helping others just like they have done for many decades past, just like in war time.

This is the Australian and New Zealander spirit. This is MATESHIP. It lives on... we stand together and battle on.

I hope to think that this kind of mentality continues in the future.

Take this with you when you travel.


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