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Wednesday, 15 April 2015



Well, here it is... 7 years in the making. I am finally going to share with you my diary and thoughts about my travels/life in hope it helps at least one person to make "smart choices" while they enjoy the big wide world abroad and at home. My blog will contain entries from my diaries while travelling solo abroad, travelling with friends and also growing up in the big smoke of Sydney, living in Queensland and being a tour guide in Australia & New Zealand.

I have long kept hand written diaries. My travel documentation started when I went to the USA and Hawaii with my family when I was younger to progress to my own trip to the USA as a Camp Councillor in 2001 (I was on the West Coast when the Twin Towers came down) and onwards to my travels throughout Europe and tour guiding.

The First European edition was a diary meant for my mother in ICU to use when she was being treated for an aggressive cancer. It was never used... so I took it overseas and wrote about all my experiences abroad. Old Skool Style!

I have decided to start the #travelsafewithyourmates initiative so hopefully many of you will support me and spread the message.

I travelled with Britt Lapthorne... there it is, I finally actually said it. I have written about my travels before in a blog and have since deleted them. It felt odd and not the right time after such a traumatic experience. I did keep hand written diaries which I will share with you now instead.

It felt weird to blog before in the last few years, I am a child of the late 70's and I am very progressive with technology BUT.... baring my sole publicly has always been a bit weird up until now (when it is such the norm). I am at an age I feel more confident in sharing certain facts about me and don't care what people think of me as much as I did when I was younger. The fact that my experiences and stories may be of some help to people is more important.

I am going to share my secrets, and most importantly, share my mistakes and I have definitely made some I wish I had a time machine for to go back and make a different choice.... but that's life! That's how you learn! I can't tell my younger self what I know now but I can pass this information on to others... hence this blog.

Having lost a lovely friend whilst on a "Trip of a Lifetime" was earth shattering and changes your view completely on life. I have had the thought of... "What if I was there that night? Would things have played out differently? Would Britt still be here if I was there? What if I didn't go to another city and extended my holiday longer?".... WHAT IF? WHAT IF? WHAT IF? You can ask these questions but there is no point in the end, what happened has happened now, you can't change it.

HOWEVER.... I will do my damnned best effort to help new travellers with my knowledge so that they themselves can lesson the chance of getting in a sticky situation overseas or at home.

I am here to help YOU and to share the knowledge. Hopefully you will get a laugh from my blogs and find them interesting. Perhaps you have been in that situation before and can understand. Perhaps youre about to head off around the world for your first trip overseas. Hopefully the seed will be planted so firmly in your mind that when the time comes for you to make a certain decision whilst travelling... these blogs and information will come to you and HELP YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE... THE SMART CHOICE.... THE SAFE CHOICE.

That's all I want.

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