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Monday, 17 August 2015




So.... I left Gosford today after a weekend of amazement with friends. I am still thinking about them tonight at my stopover in Armidale (on my journey to relocate to Cairns) and how lucky I am to have these people in my life. There isn't many people who you can be just FREE with, say anything to and just "hang out". I just wanted to "pop in" to my friends place on the Central Coast on my travel north however they conspired to bring up other people to join in the festivities (coming up from Sydney to spend the Saturday night) and there I was... arriving at my friends house to just hang out and have some drinks and relax when I was greeted with a massive SURPRISE party with people there I didn't expect and I went in to a spun out melt down for at least an hour until my first glass of wine set in!!!

Why am I writing this? It's all about FRIENDS! It is so amazing what people can do for you and how friends have your back.... and are there for you. It was so hard leaving Sydney, so intense, rushed, complicated, confusing, sad... to say the least. Then to rock up to such warmth, love, friendship and people who care... it blew me away! Let's just say it kick started my drive up north. It gave me power and strength. Don't get me wrong.. I had some awesome farewell drinks and dinners with close friends in Sydney before I left, infact, many of them! This was the icing on the cake.

I am now in Armidale for the night. My little fish are set up in their tank and still alive. My plants in their box... still green. My car being so heavy and so low it hasn't bottomed out yet or scraped my muffler. My fear of running out of petrol in the Great Dividing Range on route from Tamworth to Armidale was sorted thanks to a much needed country town with a petrol station. A heavy full car chews a lot of petrol!!!

I got here in the end... it was my first long drive in awhile but I do love a good road trip.

and I got to see the BIG guitar... Australia is home to the BIG things your know...

So now I have a nice relaxing eve in my little motel... not a bad find I must say, and thanks to WOTIF! I have Risotto coming to me via room service, keeping up with the news, blogging and reminiscing on a weekend that feckin rocked!

I am a lucky woman... Tomorrow... QUEENSLAND!!!!!!

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