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Saturday, 15 August 2015



Saturday 14th of August 2014

I am in a hotel room. It has finally sunk in that I am about to drastically change my life... for the better.

Call my life changing decision selfish if you will, but I am not someone who simply accepts their position if one is unhappy. I always try to see the "happier" side of life, the positive side, most definitely the FUN side!

I came back to live in Sydney twice in between stints of overseas travel & living and also Tour Guiding. I always wanted to experience life overseas in another city and I tasted that in London. So on my return back to Australia, how fantastic is the Harbour city of Sydney? How wonderful is it's climate? We don't realise how good we have it here until you try living somewhere else in the world. Mild winters with sunny days, gorgeous coastline with stunning beaches, entertainment & culture in abundance and fabulous food. Yep, I see the draw card, I feel Sydney's pull.

But it didn't work for me.

I am trying not to feel like a failure that I tried twice to live here and in both attempts had to flee. This time just over a year ago I gave up Tour Guiding to live here because of family & friends. Eventually, I hoped to live near the beach, get a dog, walk that dog on the beach, grow my plants and herbs, cook, go out to dinner, visit friends, party the nights away and have a stable 9-5 job with nights free to simply "enjoy" my time in Sydney.

Sounds good right??? In theory yes... but the main thing about Sydney for me, a major negative... IT IS JUST TO DARN EXPENSIVE!!!!
The job, paid to low, the nights at home, instead of enjoying my little flat I was stressing about money constantly and having many sleepless nights (and also a nosey landlord above making living uncomfortable) my credit card maxed out in no time... the beach, too far through horrendous traffic which is a continuous shit fight! The dog... never happened. The dream of owning my own home as a single woman in 5 years... impossible!!!!

Thankfully I had a vision, I wanted all of the above (the selfish part) I wanted to enjoy my life, I want to own my own home so I can look after myself in the future... I want that darn dog!!!

So... I decided to pack up, quit my job, ram my little car full of belongings (turntables and records included)and chase my dream... literally drive towards it.... TOWARDS CAIRNS!!!! Yep... 39 year old single woman on a mission for a better life... I wanted my fun back. Thankfully, I have friends waiting for me on the other end as I have lived in cairns before, making it a sound decision. I already have a job waiting for me. My dream of owning my own home... totally do-able with housing half the cost of Sydney. Plus it's much much warmer!!! Bring on the tropics!!!

Today I start that journey. I am having lunch with family in Mittagong in the Southern Highlands and then I make my way up the coast visiting friends and beaches along the way. Tonight I stay in Gosford.

Thank you Sydney, It's been real... but you are now my holiday place. I'll return in the summers when your a little more chilled out and crash on peoples couches.

Au revoir!!!!

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