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Sunday, 18 September 2016


Photo of me dancing. Taken by Jacqui Prendergast, Castle Rock.


Photo of Turtle Bay on my iphone, Tara Reynolds

It's the month of September and another beautiful day in the Tropical North of Australia... time to get out on the reef! On todays adventure I was heading out to Agincourt & Ribbon Reefs, from Port Douglas on board Silversonic (part of the Quicksilver Group).
The fast cat departs from Port Douglas Marina at 8.30am every day. Check in is prior to that at the Quicksilver Shop in the Marina to collect your boarding pass. The journey takes only 90 minutes allowing for loads of water time out on the reef. The vessel is modern and well kept, spacious interior with upper deck outdoor area. The boat can take up to 90 passengers (however it's licensed to take more. They don't fill it so there is plenty of room as it's a premium product).
Michael Evans Photography 2013

Sonic is very similar to the vessel Poseidon. They both have many different reef sites they can visit and the skipper chooses the best 3 sites for the conditions on the day. No other Outer Reef day trips visit 3 sites in one day aside from Poseidon and Sonic's sister vessel in Cairns, Silverswift! This is a boat for lovers of water, swimming, snorkelling and diving (Introduction and Certified). There is no point going on this boat if you want a short visit to the reef, swim very little or don't swim at all. There are no other options on this day trip to see the reef (like a glass bottom boat tour or semi-submersible boat tour) without getting wet. This is a "get amongst it or go home" kind of option. For me, this is my favourite option for the reef! I love to swim and frolic to my hearts content and can happily snorkel all day long!

The multiple Reef sites available on Sonic.

A quirky photo of mine. Tara Reynolds.

On this day we visited Castle Rock, Kindergarten & Nursery Bommie and Turtle Bay. There was almost 1 hour spent at each site. We were well briefed at each site (with an in-depth snorkel tutorial at the first site) and there was also a Marine Biologist talk on the upper deck held at the second site. You'll be well informed and leave an ambassador for our Great Barrier Reef!

Snaps from the day. Photo's by Tara Reynolds.

Above are some snap shots from the day. The dive deck is the only "wet" area on the boat so all your gear remains here in racks. Snorkelling equipment is included for everyone, even divers (along with a Lycra suit. This is important in jellyfish season from October through to April). During the first snorkel briefing on arrival the divers are already in groups with their dive master (blink and you will miss the certified divers getting in the water!). The Introduction divers are in groups of 4 and enter the water tentatively near the mooring rope so they have something to hang on to while adjusting to the new experience. Some entered the water better than others, some took longer to descend than others however it didn't matter as each dive master was full of encouragement and praise for their pupils. Hat's off to the staff, patient and professional!

Snorkelling at Castle Rock, photo's by Tara Reynolds.

Lunch time! The Quicksilver food is always high quality. Photo's by Tara Reynolds on iphone.

We unfortunately had a little current at most of our sites but visibility remained very good. Agincourt & Ribbon Reefs are beautiful and the perfect place to dive if you have your certification. When I sell these tours and a "Cert" diver is looking for the best day trip to get on I always offer Poseidon or Silversonic. The sites are diverse in coral and fish species and all the sites are unique. On this day the Cert Divers partook in a drift dive, I hadn't seen this on any trip to the reef before! During our relocation from our second site (Kindergarten & Nursery Bommie) to Turtle Bay the boat slowed down and a hand full of divers with a tender craft were safely deposited into the blue and left behind. They dived from that location around the reef wall towards us at Turtle Bay. They got some snaps on the hired Lumix Camera I had... they were fantastic and they had a ball! I am not sure if a drift dive is always on the cards but this is a major win for professional divers! What a great option!!!!

Amazing photo's by Emma & the photographer on the Lumix.

Pretty much... most boats to the Great Barrier Reef are amazing and you have an amazing day. You can pay your hard earned holiday money in faith it will be a great experience. Some boats shine more over others and not everyone will know the difference from site to site. I am lucky I do as I get to visit the beautiful Great Barrier Reef often. In writing this blog I state the facts and give a little on my opinion and thoughts on the product so you can make your mind up if it is the right day trip for you.

In saying that I always love to highlight the good points of the trip. On this day with Silversonic my traveling companions and myself were really impressed by the the staff. Their professionalism, their expertise and the fact they all just oozed with passion for this part of the world does make a difference to your day and experience. The Quicksilver Group maintain a high standard across all of their products and you can rest assured you get what you pay for!

If you're out here in Australia and have one shot to see the Great Barrier Reef in your life and love to snorkel and dive... then this is the boat for you! Thank you Silverseries, Silversonic!!!!

To book this fantabulous day trip contact me or visit...

Much thanks to the Photography company on board Silversonic! You can hire camera's on board. I hired a Lumix on this day.


Visit time:
Day trip

08:30am - 4:30pm (From Port Douglas Marina)

Suitable for: 
  • Strong swimmers & keen snorkelers
  • Certified divers
  • Introduction divers (first time divers)
  • People staying in Port Douglas
Fitness level (out of 5):
  •  💪 💪 💪
Time of year:
  • All year round (Stinger season is from October through to April)
  • Lycra suits included for everyone, Wet suits for hire (included with diving)
  • $232.00 + $6.50/Adult levy SNORKEL
  • $164.00 + $6.50/Child SNORKEL
  • $48.00 additional for your first Certified Dive
  • $65.00 additional for your first Introductory Dive

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