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Monday, 5 September 2016


Day Trip to Norman Reef with Reef Quest

Deep Sea Divers Den

This time of year in Cairns may be our peak season and you would think in the Tropical North of Queensland, Australia we would be blessed with gorgeous warm weather bathed in bright sunlight with perfect beach weather. This is somewhat true, we are definitely warmer than our southern counterparts. We are in our "dry" season where it rains far less than in summer. However, we also have what's called our Tradewinds. Back in the day the sailing transport ships used these winds for faster travel up the East Coast of Australia. It may be a beautiful sunny day in Cairns however out at the reef these winds whip up the ocean. Let's just say staff on the day trips to the reef will be handing out sick bags left right and centre when this occurs!

So when the winds die down and the sun is out it's time to hit the reef! The forecast for one day of my weekend was predicted to be epic conditions on the Outer Reef so I launched at the chance to get on the vessel REEF QUEST with Deep Sea Divers Den. I must have done something right in my former life because after a very smooth cruise in the 1 year old vessel for 1 hour and 20 minutes we arrived at our first site...

Epic glass conditions out at Norman Reef. Photo by Tara Reynolds.

After checking in on the boat, filling out the usual paperwork, waking up with a coffee and cheesy brekkie focaccia I took my spot for the day on the back outside deck. We were summoned inside to go through the safety stuffs and were pleasantly surprised it was a fun safety video! Oh Divers Den! Keeping it fresh and unique, I applaud you!Check out their FB page to see the video.
Watch my short movie from the day!
We were treated to a beaut glassy day. You could see for meters even from a position on the boat to the ocean floor. This trip is for snorkelling off the back of the boat over 2 sites, no glass bottom boat here! So when you arrive, jump in the water and don't come back until you're called in!

The Introductory divers are organised into groups of 4 with a Dive Master. Gently and slowly they take their time entering the water and gradually descending into the underwater world below. These intro dives are the longest out of any other vessel on the Great barrier Reef.

I then got my gear on and leapt in, literally! 
Let's waste no time and get in there!!! Photo taken by staff member Fabio.

Lovely morning tea & light picnic lunch on board Reef Quest.

I had an amazing snorkel at both sites at Norman Reef. This was truly an amazing day (thanks to the weather mainly)because NEVER in all my years and time out on the Great Barrier Reef did I see such an array of marine life as I did IN ONE DAY! It wasn't only me catching glimpses of Nemo's, Green Sea Turtles, White Tipped Reef Sharks, Parrot Fish, Rays, Blue Starfish and more.... it was everyone on the boat in the water! No one missed out on seeing something really cool. There was a real "buzz & vibe" on the boat. You could sense that most of the passengers (being from overseas here on vacation)were experiencing an amazing moment in life, creating amazing memories, taking awesome photos and just all round absolutely loving life!
I'll let the photo's do the talking now shall I? Check the link below for a short video I took with my G16 Canon I hired from Calypso Camera Hire, located at the Reef Fleet Terminal.
My fave turtle photo from the day. Photo on the G16 Canon hired by Calypso. Tara Reynolds

A collection of photos on the G16 camera. Tara Reynolds.

It was a great day out on the Great Barrier Reef all round! Great weather, Great staff, Great boat... you can feel confident to book with Deep Sea Divers Den!

Watch my short movie from the day!


Visit time:
Whole day trip

08:00am - 4:30pm (From Marlin Marina, Cairns)

Suitable for: 
  • Happy swimmers & snorkelers
  • Introduction divers
  • PADI Divers
  • Families
Fitness level (out of 5):
  •  💪 💪 💪  
Time of year:
  • All year round (Stinger season is from October through to April)
  • Lycra suits provided (wet suits also available in winter months)

  • $170 + $20/Adult levy SNORKEL
  • $120 + $20/Child SNORKEL
  • $240 + $20/Adult INTRO DIVE
  • On occasion there is a special snorkel price available and school holiday family Packages.

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